Robot Software

Developer of ROS software since 2010 focusing on mobile robot navigation and human-robot interaction. Code I've developed is deployed on robots in production around the world.

Open Source Leader

Maintainer and Contributor to many of the core ROS packages. Active member of forums. Four-time presenter and two-time program chair for ROSCon conference.

Academic Work

Taught courses from introductory to graduate level at Washington University and Chatham University. Also published numerous papers.


Washington University in St. Louis
University of Rochester

On Stage

Sometimes when I'm lucky, my interests in theatre and music overlap with the robotics work.

Too Many Davids

There are too many David Lus on the internet, but only one of them puts extraneous punctuation after his name to stand out!!

Select Projects

I specialize in robot navigation and actual ROS code, but also have a number of projects that gather and display information about ROS code.

An illustration of a turtle dressed as a wizard.


MoveIt2 Setup Assistant

Large-scale refactoring of the original MoveIt (1) Setup Assistant for ROS 2 with modular data structures and plugins to enable extensible development.

stacked bar chart from

ROS Metrics

An automated collection of statistics about the ROS ecosystem through time, gathered with many different APIs, including statistics previously from ROS Answered.

A screenshot of the website with some colored squares

The current status of the ROS buildfarm across multiple distros. Previously this information was part of ROS Crawl.

affordance templates in front of Robonaut

Affordance Templates on Robotnaut

Visualizations for helping teleoperate robots to do high level tasks. Part of a collaboration between Chad Jenkins, Brown University, TracLabs and NASA


Metro Robots textmark
Fall 2013 - August 2015
January 2022 - Present

Founder of independent ROS Consulting business, working with Brown University/NASA, Southwest Research Institute, Locus Robotics and more!

PickNik Robotics textmark
October 2020 - December 2021

Senior Robotics Scientist working with varied clients from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Locus Robotics textmark
March 2017 - September 2020

Senior Roboticist enhancing the navigation capabilities of fleets of warehouse robots with a ground-up rewrite of the path planning algorithms.

Bossa Nova Robotics textmark
August 2015 - March 2017

Robotics Scientist implementing new algorithms for robot navigation, monitoring and data collection on Bossa Nova's shelf scanning robots.

Willow Garage textmark
Winter 2013

Research intern, integrating layered costmap algorithm into the core ROS Navigation stack and using it to implement social navigation behaviors.

Walt Disney Imagineering textmark
Summer 2010

R & D intern, investigating integrating next-gen animatronics with ROS, alongside innovative roboticist Akhil Madhani.

Google textmark
Summer 2007

Intern with the Maps team, enhancing the Local Business Center (now Google My Business).

IBM textmark
Summers 2003-2006

Four-time intern, working with the IBM Research team, their premier internship program "Extreme Blue" and the zSeries Product Engineering team.


My preferred contact method is email, but there are many other places where you can find me.

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